90/10 Info Charts
Proprietary School Revenue Percentages Report for Financial
Statements with Fiscal Year Ending Dates Between
07/01/16 – 06/30/17 for Schools Not Meeting the 90/10 Rule
Data Source: eZ-Audit as of 06/14/2018, Sorted by Highest Percentage
Institution Name
Attestation Score

The HEOA moves the 90/10 Rule to the PPA from Title I of the HEA (the 90/10 Rule applies only to proprietary institutions and requires those institutions to derive at least 10 percent of their revenue from non-Title IV sources). As a result, an institution that now violates the 90/10 Rule for one year would no longer lose its eligibility to participate in the Title IV programs. Instead, the institution's participation becomes provisional for two fiscal years. However, if the institution does not satisfy the 90/10 Rule for two consecutive fiscal years, it loses its eligibility to participate in the Title IV programs for at least two fiscal years.

If an institution fails to satisfy the 90/10 Rule, the HEA requires the Department to publicly disclose on the College Navigator website the identity of that institution and the extent to which the institution failed to satisfy the rule. In addition, no later than July 1 of each year, the Secretary must submit to Congress a report that contains, for each proprietary institution, the amount and percentage of the institution's revenues from Title IV sources and non-Title IV sources, as provided by the institution in its audited financial statements.